Hello! As you might expect with us two, we will be having a bit of a different wedding registry than you are used to. As many of you know, we have been working on restoring/remodeling/rebuilding a 1977 Airstream travel trailer for almost a year now, and once it's finished, and WE'RE MARRIED, we plan on hitting the road and traveling the country, and maybe a few places outside the country.

With that, the cost of everything going into the Airstream ("Sweet Annie") has been steadily increasing every week, so we had an idea that we think my appease everyone's interest in wedding gifts. While we are unable to wait for wedding gifts that we need for the camper now, we can offer an alternative. Below you'll find a list of big ticket items we've purchased, or planned on purchasing in the coming weeks, and we'd like to ask everyone to find something that they like below, and contribute to a "reimbursement fund". For each item that reaches it's goal, we will have a small plaque made with everyone that contributed to it.

Alternatively, we are also offering an option to contribute to a gas fund, as well as a honeymoon fund. Due to certain events we must be in the Georgia area for in October/November, and with the possibility the airstream is not 100% finished, we are thinking we will be taking a brief honeymoon before we embark on our big adventure.

We tried to come up with some "things" to add to a registry, but honestly, we're trying to declutter and purge, and even still, we're going to have to rent a storage unit before we move into our 140 sq ft home on wheels.

Anyways, thanks so much for your love and generosity! See you soon!!



Traveling cross-country with a truck and towing a 4000+ lb camper is going to get pricey, so we thought we would add a gas fund to our registry! Please help us go further and feel less stressed on our extended honeymoon/life on the road!

Oru kayak inlet.jpg

Oru Kayaks

This is for TWO lightweight, folding kayaks (Oru - like origami). The specific model we're looking at is called the Inlet, which is the lightest, and cheapest, model, and also have enough space in the front for the puppa-doos to sit.... eventually.


Compost Toilet

Poo-terlizer! No black/sewage tank to empty! No smell, no mess, no fuss!


Rooftop A/C

Low profile, 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner, w/ heat pump (to keep pups warm in winter with electric heat if we need to leave them and not worry about a gas leak)